My Latest Thoughts and Daydreams…

SO….lately I feel like my thoughts have been all over the place.  There are so many things I want to say and do and accomplish and I just feel like there is no time like the present to accomplish these things.

For starters (and I will describe this as vaguely as possible to protect rights and ideas) I have had an incredible opportunity to jump on board with a new up and coming charity.  This charity, once up and running, will touch the hearts and lives of many and I am speechlessly grateful for the opportunity to help create the foundation it will grow from.  Just brainstorming ideas on how to do my part for the charity gets me excited.  I like the idea of helping other people and sharing personal experiences for other to learn from.  It makes me feel like all the not so happy things I’ve ever come across in life all happened for a reason.

I have also been thinking a lot about my career with creative writing and fashion.  I often become sad thinking about the dreams and goals I have along with the road blocks that try and prevent them all.  Most times I wish I could stop everything and just write about music and fashion and poetry all day long.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  To just stop your everyday life and immediately begin the life you’ve always wanted.

That brings me to my next rant: on LIFE….We as people, always look for reasons to put things off and wait until another time or day to accomplish something but the beautifully frightening thing is that you never know what the very next second will hold for you.  There may be something amazing you can’t wait to do.  This something will change your life, give you a new reason to smile, brighten up your day; just do it! What’s stopping you?  Work?  Car troubles?  Finances?  Find a way.  Something tragic could snatch your smile away from you for months to come just like that.  You could loose someone you love or come close to it and your reason to smile will just vanish.  You could become depressed and in a room full of happiness you’ll feel dark and alone and smiling will be the last thing on your mind.  So right at this moment, while you might not be completely happy but at least not miserable, why not just go for it?  Do what you’ve been waiting to do; give yourself a memory to smile about the next time you’re feeling just OK as appose to happy.

Life is short and I have recently made the vow to no longer follow life wherever it takes me.  I’ve decided to make my life worth every second and when those seconds come that are torture to get through I will make it my job to make the next one twice as great to live.

live life fashionably peaceful!



Entering Fall with love

With the fall semester right around the corner there are tons of things to get done. It’s time to pack the backpacks and put away the bathing suits. Student’s will be purchasing books and catching up with friends, those out of college will be using up those vacations days and heading back to the office. It’s a really busy time for everyone, but I hope you all keep one in important thing in mind.


It’s very easy to leave love off of your to-do list. Some of you may not even consider love something important enough to pay attention to. But what if the one you love was gone? What if in a few months things in your love life wouldn’t be the same? Those thoughts alone are enough reasons for me to value my loved ones more and pay more attention to the love we share.

Most importantly, make sure to fall in love with yourself. Fall over and over again, as much as you can.

Everyday say “I love you” to your body for getting you through the physical stress its taken you past. Love your mind for not crashing from all the things it carries. Love your heart for always being able to put itself back together and love as if it’s never been broken before. Love your eyes for seeing life from the perspective they’ve chosen.

I know that love is a difficult story to live but for those of you who are becoming negative or bitter towards it I’ll tell you this; the path away from a broken heart is not to shun new love because you’ll miss out on it’s glory. Yeah your last relationship sucked and your heart was left bruised and broken but you did have good times and you did learn new things.And unfortunately no matter how bad you’re hurting right now, you would of never had those smiles without these tears.

So fall in love with yourself first, because thats the only way you can know how wonderful of a love story you deserve to live.

I send good vibes and positive energies your way.


It’s Been Far Too Long

I want to apologize for how long it’s been since I posted. I am trying really hard to in the hang of having at least a weekly post.

Anyway, today I wanted to talk about following dreams and passions. I want to to be the one to tell you all that you should NEVER give up in a dream. As long as you keep pushing and trying your dreams will come true. Now, they might not always come in the packaging that you imagined but they will come to you!!

Keep believing in yourself!! I wish you all lives filled with passion, love, and beautiful noise!!


P.S here are some #NewYorkLove pics(the hashtag is being changed to “#NewYorkLove” to avoid confusion and comparisons)

Central Park Marriage #LoversInNewYork

Central Park Marriage #NewYorkLove

friends or lovers  #NewYorkLove

friends or lovers

The Voice Audition

The Voice Audition

On Sunday July 28, I auditioned for The Voice. What I have on in this picture is what I wore for the audition. The whit crew neck top, patterned high waste pants and Egyptian styled plate necklace are all from forever 21. My light brown mini wedged sandals are from Anthropology.

Only You can Make Your Dreams Come True

Let's Talk Fashion

Some may be to become the best model that ever walked the run way.  Some may be to become the most effective teacher any child has ever experienced.  Mine is to be a creative and passionate fashion journalist.  No matter what your dreams are, you are the only one who can make them come true.  Some may say that chasing dreams is a waste of time, but as long as your dreams make you happy and you’re strong enough to fight past all the negativity, it’ll always be worth it.  

Like I said earlier, it’s my dream to be a fashion journalist.  I want to inspire people with stories and articles covering new trends, boutiques, and funky clothes.  I want to be the one to encourage people to go outside their comfort zone and try new styles.  Achieving this goal is going to be tuff; the journalism industry is very competitive and if you’re like me and want to work for newspapers and magazines the positions offered become less and less everyday.  But that can’t be what stops me!  Journalism makes me happy.  Writing about things I care about and learning new things through the art of interviewing is something I could never get tired of.  So what do I do in an industry that isn’t always so inviting?  I push.  Push past the nay sayers and reasons Im given to not push.  Push for every job I want and work every where I can.  It’s time for me to work hard and work fast.  And this is something that every person with a dream should be doing no matter what the dream is.  Now is the time to put in work.  Talk to people, network yourself, work anywhere and everywhere, be seen, be heard, be noticed!  This way, when your 100 years old you can look back and say you did everything possible to become that wonderful version of yourself you did in-fact become!